Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Mitchells Plain House in 2017

High demand and low-interest rates are driving housing sales throughout South Africa. Albeit a few minor caveats, home prices are stabilizing and many people are becoming homeowners. If you have been on the fence about putting your Mitchells Plain home up for sale and purchasing a bigger one, it might be time to take that step, because 2017 has been predicted as the year of successful real estate investment. Here are top 5 real estate tips for selling your home in 2017:

Hire the best estate agents.
There are a handful of estate agents in Mitchells Plain who are well-known in the market, but it is important to hire an agent that will meet your needs, like those found here. You can find a good agent by conducting internet research and asking for referrals. Working with a professional will enable you to take advantage of the market and what it offers. The estate agent will also develop a suitable listing contract for you.

House for sale

Get ahead by listing early. 
When it comes to Mitchells Plain property listings, the early bird catches the worm. Ensure that your property listing happens as soon as possible, because aside from the fact that that the sooner you list, the sooner you’ll sell, home buyers will be keener to purchase while the interest rates are low. An early property listing puts you in the best position. As prices begin to soar, the consumers’ buying power generally drops. Before this happens, your home should already be purchased.

Improve the appearance of your home.
To get the best value for your property, it is important to work on its appearance. Remember, there are many houses for sale in Mitchells Plain. Yours in not the only one. Do minor makeovers wherever you can, with an eye on the kitchen and bathrooms. No-one wants to live in a dirty house, so ensure that yours is spic and span when viewings take place. Also remember to prepare your house for sale by de-cluttering, depersonalizing and freeing up spaces. It is easy to beat the competition when your house is in good condition.

Beware of overcapitalising.
Granted, minor upgrades of your home will make it more appealing to buyers, but beware of overcapitalising. If you spend too much on a huge makeover, it’s unlikely that it will increase the value of your property enough for you make your money back. When it comes to selling your home, stick to minor updates to improve the value of your home, for instance, replace door handles and apply a fresh coat of paint.

Learn from your competition.It is important to always have a leg up on your competition. Work with your estate agent and get educated about different prices and the kind of houses that yours is up against. Attend open houses in Mitchells Plain and surrounds for ideas of how to improve your home and make it the preferred choice for potential buyers.

Remember, with the estate agent and strategy, it is possible to get the best value for your home. Even though many find it tricky to navigate this situation, these tips will ensure that selling your Mitchells Plain home will be a walk in the park.

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